The intent for the sixth form curriculum is clear and is all about 'polishing our diamonds'.  The sixth form curriculum provides opportunities to generalise previously acquired skills and apply them in a real world context.  The focus is about transition and achieving challenging yet realistic destination outcomes.

In the Sixth Form phase, we continue to uphold the core Severndale values of Enabling communication, independence and enjoyment for life. We provide an environment where all our students feel safe and well, a community they feel connected to and proud to be part of, and we give them the confidence and skills they need to develop independence and be prepared for their next steps in adult life.

As well as having an ambitious, yet dynamic curriculum that responds to meet the needs of our learners, we also work towards our shared vision through developing and fostering those all important relationships which are crucial in helping develop our young people.

At the heart of this lies the relationship between our staff and young people. We will be there for all our students ups and down, for friendly advice and a shoulder to cry on, to encourage our young people to try new things and explore and develop existing interests. We will help them build their confidence and independence and ensure they value themselves and their achievements. Our young people are at the front and centre of all we do. We ensure that their voice and opinions are both valued and supported and that they have a real say in not only their current education, but their next steps beyond.

We also work closely and listen to those who know our young people best – their families. We are here to support and work in partnership with our families as we believe that this is what is needed in order to help our young people achieve as well as they can. Our Team is in regular communication with the families and carers of all our young people and we have many wonderful events throughout the year where our families can join us to learn more about what we are doing, support our learning, or simply celebrate our young people’s successes.

We have fostered and continue to cultivate supportive, professional relationships with all our community partners. We work closely with a wide range of Shropshire Agencies, including the disabled children’s social care team, speech and languages services, our neighbourhood policing scheme, action for children, adult social care teams, day services throughout Shropshire, our post 19 providers, local shops and many others besides. By doing so we are able to signpost our young people and families to the support and services, which they may need. We can also help our young people and families gain experience of and therefore choose with confidence the next steps which are right for them.

all of our 6th form curriculum is focused on enabling a clear focus on a successful transition to a purposeful destination


Finally we believe it is paramount that our young people have a connection with their communities. This connection forms a key part of our curriculum and everything we do has a meaning and purpose beyond the classroom. We are proud to be part of the good that happens in Shropshire. In short we are at the heart of the community and have community at our heart.

So in a nutshell, what should you expect when you come to Sixth Form?

We are:

  • Value led.

  • Positive, supportive, and kind.
  • Student Focused – adapting to their needs.
  • Connected to the wider community.
  • Purposeful and Meaningful in our learning.
  • Committed to working with and supporting our parents and carers.
  • Able to prepare our students for their next steps, wherever these may lie.