Diversity information

Pathway 3 is made up of students with a range moderate and severe learning difficulties. The students in this pathway all follow the National Curriculum and can all access the National Curriculum in a broadly age appropriate way.


The intent for the pathway 3 curriculum is to provide a personalised approach to learning driven by EHCP targets within a structured and highly aspirational curriculum. The curriculum mirrors a ‘typical mainstream’ offer, whilst also providing the individual student support and nurture that a special school environment provides.

The journey for the student through the department

Our students start their journey by developing an understanding of themselves and others. This is achieved alongside the development of early literacy, numeracy and social skills. Throughout their Severndale journey, Students will develop both their academic knowledge and understanding, along with life skills and personal, emotional and relationship education through the curriculum, eventually completing accreditation that reflects their achievements and attainment.

This curriculum pathway is comprised of National Curriculum subjects as students work towards National Curriculum outcomes. The curriculum centres around peer and self-advocacy and the development of independence at work and at home.

Many of our students working in pathway 3 have experienced learning in mainstream settings and in some cases may transition back to a mainstream setting. These students are most likely to engage and integrate independently within society and their local communities, whilst this is worthy of recognition and celebration it also leads to potential increased vulnerability due to a young persons needs and their social, personal and cognitive difficulties. At Severndale we have adapted many of subjects and topics to reflect the needs of our students, whilst ensuring challenge and progress.

Our Curriculum

At all key stages the intent is based upon providing a motivating and engaging context in which students can achieve and make progress based on their assessed levels and next steps in a personalised way. The curriculum has been planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skill can be built on what has been taught before and each child’s assessed abilities. 

Curriculum offer and focus

In Pathway 3, we deliver 12 curriculum areas:

  • English
  • Phonics and Early Reading

  • Maths

  • PHSE / RS(H)E

  • Science

  • History

  • Geography

  • RE

  • PE

  • Technology

  • Art

  • Music


In Pathway 3, students are assessed using the Severndale Steps framework.  We record our observations of progress through the Solar app.

Pathway 3 prepares our young people for a life beyond school where they can access voluntary or paid employment opportunities