Diversity information

Within Pathway 2, we work with a diverse group of students with severe learning difficulties who require experiences and opportunities which promote the development of functional skills, communication, emotional wellbeing, confidence and independence.

It is important for these students that achievable aspirations for transitioning to their adult lives remain at the heart of our curriculum and time is dedicated to ensuring a progression of skills throughout school.


The intent for the pathway 2 curriculum is to provide a personalised approach to learning driven by EHCP targets that builds on prior learning and the development of communication and independence. Activities will be motivating and engaging and students will develop confidence to become more independent learners and also become aware of the next steps in their learning journey.

Pathway 2 provides a more traditionally structured approach to learning. It is comprised of a mixture of adult and child led learning opportunities with students developing a range of social, emotional, independence, physical and cognitive skills. It gives teachers the opportunity to support students’ strengths and fill the gaps in their knowledge and understanding, whilst using the best approach to their learning style.

The journey for the student through the department

Our students learn differently and therefore our approach is more than simply differentiated, it is profoundly personalised. We start with each students’ specific needs, highlight strengths and identify areas to develop.  Pathway 2 delivers a broad and balanced curriculum within which we plan steps of progression which build on these foundations, ensuring we are guided by both child development and personal aspirations.  Significant milestones are celebrated such as the progression through the key stages.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is responsive to the developing needs of students and regularly reviewed to ensure they are offered the best opportunities to thrive. The Pathway 2 curriculum pathway focuses on developing the practical application of skills and knowledge. It centres around the development of student voice and choice, fostering positive social and communication skills.

Curriculum offer and focus

In Pathway 2, we deliver 6 curriculum areas:

  • My Communication
  • My Cognition
  • My World
  • My Care and Independence
  • My Creativity
  • My Physical


Students will be assessed against their EHCP long term outcomes on a termly basis. Students wider progress and learning is also assessed using the Severndale Steps framework. We record our observations of progress through the Solar app.

providing opportunities to explore in different ways enhancing learning and development