Diversity information

The Formal Curriculum department is made up of students with a range moderate and severe learning difficulties. The pupils on this pathway all follow the national curriculum and can all access the national curriculum levels in a broadly age appropriate way. 


The intent for the formal curriculum is to provide a personalised approach to learning driven by EHCP targets within a structured and highly aspirational curriculum that mirrors a mainstream offer whilst also providing the individual pupil support and nurture that a special school environment provides.

The journey for the student through the department

Our students start their journey by developing an understanding of themselves and others. This is achieved alongside the development of early literacy, numeracy and social skills. Throughout their Severndale journey, students will develop their independent, social and academic skills through a differentiated national curriculum eventually completing accreditation that reflects their achievements and attainment. 

This curriculum pathway is comprised of national curriculum subjects as students work towards national curriculum outcomes. The curriculum centres around peer and self-advocacy and the development of independence at work and at home. 

Our Curriculum

At all key stages the intent is based upon providing a motivating and engaging context in which pupils can achieve and make progress based on their assessed levels and next steps in a personalised way. The curriculum has been planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skill can be built on what has been taught before and each child’s assessed abilities. 

The primary phase of the formal department consists of key stages 1 and 2. In the primary phase we ensure that the work of the EYFS is built upon and extended through a broad and balanced curriculum that can meet the holistic needs of each pupil. 

The secondary phase consists of key stage 3 and 4. In the secondary phase we ensure that the work of the primary phase is built upon and extended through a broad and balanced curriculum that can meet the holistic needs of each pupil. 

We have high expectations for all our pupils and aim for success through the use of routine and structure, building on children’s knowledge and understanding and careful differentiated work which is broken down into small manageable chunks. 

Curriculum offer and focus

Within the formal department, students will work towards an adapted version of the national curriculum. Students will work towards national curriculum outcomes alongside their long-term EHCP outcomes. At different points in their educational journey students will work towards accreditations and qualifications that recognise their achievements within individual subjects. 

our formal pathway prepares our young people for a life beyond school where they can access voluntary or paid employment opportunities


All pupils in the formal pathway will have their reading growth assessed using Renaissance Star Reading. 

  • In key stage 1, where appropriate, pupils will undergo phonics screening and SATS tests 

  • In key stage 2, where appropriate, pupils will undergo SATS tests. 

  • In key stage 4, where appropriate, students will be able to take GCSEs or entry level qualifications in a range of subjects depending on their ability and interests. 

The intended outcome

The young people who take this journey with us are aiming to develop as confident independent individuals, who can access, work and thrive within their local communities.  We support these young people to develop a core foundation of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for further study, training and employment and aim for them to attain the highest level of recognised qualifications appropriate to them. Our formal pathway is absolutely driven by a commitment to develop an outstanding provision with a focus on high expectations supporting pupils to achieve and aspire to succeed.