The Severndale Curriculum seeks to provide a platform that facilitate an aspirational journey for all students to access a life beyond school that is engaging, meaningful and provides opportunities for further achievements.

Curriculum Intent:

At Severndale Academy, we know that excellent curriculum principles and design in conjunction with outstanding, dynamic delivery leads to an excellent education.

Throughout the key stages and different Phases, the implementation of our curriculum will vary and constantly evolve. For example, at EYFS we follow the principles of engagement, motivation and critical thinking whereas at Post 16 our primary focus is on preparing our young people for adulthood though adult social care inclusion, work experience and independent living.

Regardless of how the curriculum is implemented our intent is always the same, it is to ENABLE COMMUNICATION, INDEPENDENCE AND ENJOYMENT FOR LIFE

Our curriculum is the vehicle to deliver our whole school vision. We offer a holistic curriculum that focuses on developing both the skills and knowledge of each pupil, underpinned by key priorities, these are:

  • To create an inclusive environment based on positive relationships, in which all students are valued, respected and celebrated, allowing them to fulfil their potential by responding to individual requirements and needs.
  • To maximise the individual's potential in mobility, physical abilities, communication skills, sensory capabilities and personal independence.

  • To be characterised by breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression and continuity that is suited to each learners’ individual needs.

  • To reflect teaching approaches and methods which best enhance the individual learners’ ability to learn and to be delivered at a level and rate suited to the age and learning ability of each individual learners.

  • To take full account of each learners’ Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This may require specific modifications of, or dis-applications from, various National Curriculum requirements.

  • To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of learners’ at the academy, and within society.

  • To provide a stimulating learning environment which promotes effective learning and enables the child to experience a sense of enjoyment and achievement throughout their time at Severndale Academy.

  • To maximise the individual's potential in mobility, physical abilities, communication skills, sensory capabilities and personal independence.

  • To encourage learners to recognise, record and celebrate positive achievements in all areas of personal, educational and community life.

  • To prepare learners’ for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life (which will include guiding learners towards a realistic assessment of career possibilities and post-school opportunities.

  • To prepare learners’ (where this is agreed to be the best course of action) for transfer into alternative curriculum/ settings.

  • To ensure equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, social disadvantage or disability.