Welcome to our Careers Page

Our Careers Vision Statement
Careers at Severndale means preparing a destination led pathway through the school that is informed through collaborating with pupils, parents, school staff and key external agencies.
This can be related to paid employment, voluntary employment or development of life skill and opportunities beyond the school.
In short, we want our young people to go on to lead meaningful and  purposeful lives no matter what path they will be following in the future.

The Government’s Careers Strategy aims to make sure that all young people in secondary education access a programme of advice and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience.

At Severndale Specialist Academy, we use the Gatsby Benchmarks to measure the quality of our provision.

The contact for Severndale Specialist Academy’s Career Strategy is Liz Harrison, who can be contacted by telephone on 01743 563333 or via the following email: liz.harrison@severndaleacademy.co.uk