Keeping Yourself Safe

Who Are Your Trusted Adults?

Here at Severndale Academy, we want to help you to stay safe. If you see or hear something that makes you feel worried, scared or sad, tell a trusted adult. This video will help you to understand who your trusted adults are.

If You’re Upset by the News (BBC)

If you are upset by the news, it's important to know that you are not the only one and it's okay to have those feelings.

Talking Mental Health (Anna Freud)

Mental health is about our thinking, our feelings, our emotions, and our moods.

Share Some Secrets (Christina Gabbitas)

Share Some Secrets is a video that encourages you to think about the difference between good and bad secrets.
(BBC Teach)

When I worry about things

These videos may help you if you are worried about something.

Being a Bully – Ariana’s Story

This clip uses the real first person testimony from Ariana, a young Albanian girl whose family valued boys higher than girls, to create an intimate and direct tone.

OCD & Depression – Anabel’s Story

This clip uses the testimony of a young girl called Annabel to create an intimate portrait of how coping with OCD can feel.

Anorexia – Kirsty’s Story

A powerful animated documentary relating the story of Kirsty, a girl who developed anorexia as a response to social anxiety and who became so thin she was hospitalised before seeking help.

Being Bullied – Jake’s Story

Jake’s intimate description of how it felt to be bullied - the sense of isolation and fear that he went through - will help students to empathise with his story.

Panic Attacks – Luke & Jenny’s Stories

The intimate first person testimony of these two young people will help students to understand what it can feel like to go through a panic attack, and will help them see how someone can get into a state of panic to begin with.

Keeping Your Body Safe

The Undressed Song (LGFL)

Watch this video to understand why you should not get undressed whilst you are using your phone, tablet or iPad.

Pantosaurus and his PANTS Song!

Meet Pantosaurus - The NSPCC's pant-wearing Dino! He wants every child to stay safe and strong, just like him. Learn the PANTS rules with Pantosaurus!
PANTS Children's Guide

Road Safety

Crossing Roads – Kids Know Best

Learn how to cross the road safely using Stop, Look, Listen, and Think.

First Journeys

What will your first journey be without an adult? In this video, children share their top tips to stay safe!

Are you Road Ready?

In this video, CITV presenter, Sam Homewood, encourages you to be ‘road ready’ and safe on the road.