The Early Help leads at Severndale Academy are:


Michelle Hill

Vice Principal & Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead


Louise Bowen

Family Liason Officer

Shropshire Strengthening Families Through Early Help

'Shropshire Strengthening Families Through Early Help' aims to support families who might need extra help to be happy, healthy and safe. This means services working together to provide families with the right support at the right time.

At Severndale Academy’s ’Virtual SEND Conference for Parents & Carers 2021’, Julie Duncan (Early Help Workforce Development Officer at the Strengthening Families Team) presented how Early Help can support families with children with disabilities and SEN:

Child to Parent Abuse


What is Child to Parent Abuse (CPA)?

  • A pattern of behaviour.
  • Physical violence from a child to a parent.
  • Damage to property.
  • Emotional / verbal abuse and intimidation.
  • Coercion and control.
  • Economic / financial abuse.
  • Humiliating language and threats, belittling a parent.
  • Stealing from a parent.
  • Heightened sexual behaviours / Sexual abuse.
  • Threats to harm people or pets.

Visit PEGS

PEGS (Parental Education Growth Support)

PEGS is a local organization based in Shropshire that has grown at an incredible rate and now offers support across the whole of the United Kingdom. PEGS works with families where a child or young person is displaying aggressive, harmful, violent or out-of-control behaviours.

At Severndale Academy’s ’Virtual SEND Conference for Parents & Carers 2021’, Michelle John (one of the Directors at PEGS) presented an awareness session around Child to Parent Abuse (CPA) as well as explaining what support PEGS can offer to parents.


Who’s in Charge? Working with Child to Parent Violence & Abuse

Who’s in Charge? is a 9 week child to parent violence (CPV) programme aimed at parents whose children are being abusive or violent toward them or who appear out of parental control. The structure of the programme consists of 8 two and a half hour sessions with a two-month follow up. If you are a parent experiencing child to parent violence and abuse you may find this information from ‘Who’s in Charge?’ helpful.

Remember, if you or someone else is in immediate danger, always call 999!

Support and Resources for Those Recently Bereaved

Suffered a Bereavement?
Need to Talk?0345 678 9028

Help is just a phonecall away!
Free Counselling Available

If you live in Shropshire and you're struggling with the loss of a friend or loved one, give us a call!

It's never easy losing a friend or loved one, but it has been especially tough for those who have experienced grief during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you're struggling, free counselling is available to anyone who needs to talk.

Shropshire Council has launched ‘The Bereavement Support Service’ to support Shropshire residents who are experiencing and suffering from bereavement and loss during the Coronavirus pandemic. The offer is open to anyone who has been bereaved by either a recent death or previous loss.

The Bereavement Support Service is operated by Shropshire Council and community voluntary partners Samaritans, CRUSE, Severn Hospice and CRANE counselling. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, please call 0345 678 9028 (Option 1) for further information and access.

Holiday Support and Information for Severndale Families

We know that the school holidays can be a challenging time for Severndale families and it is important to us that our Severndale families can access the support that they need when school is closed. For this reason, we routinely pull together relevant support and information that you may find helpful into ‘Holiday Support and Information for Severndale Families’ booklets. Sometimes, the information that we share is based on patterns and trends that we notice in our safeguarding data; sometimes, the information includes specific themes that parents and carers have told us they need further information about.

Please see below for previous editions of our ‘Holiday Support and Information for Severndale Families’ booklets: