Hello and welcome to Severndale Academy, we are a special school which is part of the Learning Community Trust, a multi academy trust working across Shropshire and Telford.  Our vision is to ensure that the needs of all of our young people are ‘truly met’ and that we ensure pupils leave Severndale being as independent as they can be and are also ready to access ‘life beyond the school’. We focus on developing quality interactions, relationships and supporting positive communication, as well as providing high quality learning experiences in a dynamic, creative, enjoyable and safe environment.

Holiday Support and Information for Severndale Families

We know that the school holidays can be a challenging time for Severndale families and it is important to us that our Severndale families can access the support that they need when school is closed. For this reason, we routinely pull together relevant support and information that you may find helpful into ‘Holiday Support and Information for Severndale Families’ booklets. Sometimes, the information that we share is based on patterns and trends that we notice in our safeguarding data; sometimes, the information includes specific themes that parents and carers have told us they need further information about.

Please see below for previous editions of our ‘Holiday Support and Information for Severndale Families’ booklets:

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This school is fantastic my son goes here and I can not recommend the staff highly enough, even though there are lots of pupils they attend to each and everyone of there needs. It's always clean and welcoming this school is one of the best.

Severndale Parent

I used to go to this school since I was in nursery there and I have autism and. And a few years after that i was in Upper school and in 2019 then and I had/have a Best friend and we've had lots of fun together making memories of the fun times we had together. I've left school now and I'm at college. I really miss my Severndale school and all of my friends. Thinking about all the fun times back at school brings back going out with old friends from your old school.

Former Student

My child goes to this school. The staff are absolutely incredible and it's very modern with an incredible range of things to help kids with learning. 👍 👍

Primary Parent

My son started Severndale in reception class, in the one and a bit years he has attended Severndale the progress has been fantastic. His confidence has grown, he is trying to communicate, he is making eye contact, he is trying a larger variety of foods and most importantly he is happy. He may not be able to tell me in words that he is happy at school but it is easy to see by the way he jumps onto his bus every morning and with the big smile I get every day when he gets home.

Primary Student

One of the reasons I originally chose Severndale as a school is that I wanted my son to be in an environment where he was not treated any differently by other children in his school/class and he was just one of the group. This I hoped would allow him to develop his independence and become who he is naturally meant to be. Severndale, I think, successfully allows my son to be who he is and not feel uncomfortable in any way and at the same time provides the boundaries that he needs to understand, in order to operate in social environments outside of a specialist environment.

Primary Student